East Bay Gives

Thank you to our generous donors who participated in East Bay Gives – a one-day online/crowd funding philanthropy event on May 3, 2016. We are grateful for your support!




Bob and Suzanne Rubino  


The Zentner Family


Anonymous Ann and Jeff Csillag
Howard and Chris Bogert Robert Butler


Ginnon Cunningham  


Karen Butter  

$150 and above

Alan Cerro  


Larry and Susan Houghton Thompson The Layman Family


Anonymous Karen Burns
Ian Thompson The Rubino-Brumm Family


Gary May  


Tom and Tanya Ludden  


Michael and Michelle Miller The Kirbach Family


David Perlstein Sblend Sblendorio
Jean Richardson Carlos Castellanos
Marcie Neilson Ann Martin
Cathy Ritter Gail Sault
Matt Rusca Kristina Castle


Angi Queenan Rashmi and Madhu Prasad
Melinda Elliott Debbie Nicolosi
Dave and Renee Muller  


Alan Throop  


Linda Roe Lynn Monica


Anonymous Victoria Hagen
Jayne Cohen Andrea Morrison
Joyce Nelson Cary Fukada
Lynn Mielke  
Stefanie Clark