SB 1178 Bill – New Source of Funding for Affordable Community-Based Housing

There is a bill, SB 1178, being proposed in the Cal Senate that needs our support.

“SB 1178 would establish a new source of funding to provide affordable community-based housing for individuals with developmental disabilities.

The Senate Human Services meeting will be on:

    April 22nd
    State Capital Building
    Room 3191
    Sacramento, CA.

Please read the Fact Sheet Final SB 1178, which does a great job of summarizing the problem of housing and (lack of) regional center funding for special needs adults.

Senators on this committee are:

Tom Berryhill
Mark DeSaulnier
Carol Liu
Mark Wyland
Leland Yee (moot as of today)

DeSaulnier is our senator.  Letters to him or Sunday (see below) in support would be helpful.  We need to do this quickly, as I this may be up for a vote soon.

Sunday S. Balalis
Legislative Aide
Senator Lou Correa, 34th District
State Capitol, Room 5061
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 651-4034