Cooking Classes

Cooking Class with Teacher Abby is an engaging introduction to cooking at home; perfect for chefs of all ability levels!

Sunflower Hill Cooking Classes are interactive, live, virtual classes that build independent living skills through cooking discussions, teacher demonstrations, and group activities. Participants can either cook along with Teacher Abby who will provide step-by-step guidance during class time, or choose to enjoy and learn while watching the cooking demonstrations. All participants will engage in lessons that teach safe kitchen skills, how to read a recipe, how to measure ingredients, and how to prepare a cooking station. Our current Cooking Classes include:

Skill Building Class

Participants in our 8-week Skill Building class engage in lessons that teach common kitchen skills, including how to read a recipe, how to measure ingredients, how to safely use a knife, and how to prepare a cooking station. Recipes will introduce cooking basics, building on practices learned in previous weeks, while highlighting seasonal garden produce for healthy eating habits.

Simple Meals Class

Participants in our 4-week Simple Meals class utilize basic cooking skills to prepare four nutritionally-balanced and easily repeatable weeknight meals. Meal prep involves a wide range of kitchen skills, such as following a recipe, measuring ingredients, safe knife skills, working with heat, as well as multi-tasking to create a main and side dish.

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