Online Activities: Wearing A Mask

Join The Team – Wear Your Face Mask
Let’s face it: wearing a face mask is NOT fun! They can feel awkward and uncomfortable, and make it hard to understand others when they speak. For adults with developmental disabilities and many others in the community, wearing a face mask in public may be difficult. In this video Teacher Becca explores common objections to wearing a face mask and how to overcome these feelings of discomfort. She also provides tips to feel more confident while wearing a face mask, so you can ‘Join the Team’ and keep our community safe!

Thanks to Robert Half for volunteering their time and expertise to help create this video!

Tuesday, May 19, 2020
Today’s Online Activity: Practice breathing mindfully in your mask with Teacher Edie! Join Edie for this 5-minute video practicing sama vritti, a breathing technique. Get comfortable with this breath and then put your mask on and practice again. Thumbs up means you are smiling! Watch the video and then share a picture of yourself in your mask! #SFHActivities