Sunflower Hill Products

All of our products are created and assembled by our Sunflower Hill program participants. Please use the form below to order Sunflower Hill products.

Sunflower Seeds

Our “Big Sunshine” sunflower seeds will grow into a classic sunflower plant eight to ten feet tall, with seed heads that are 6 – 12 in in diameter! These organic seeds are also excellent for eating.

Greeting Cards

Our Greeting Cards have been designed and created by our of Sunflower Hill program participants. Each packet contains 12 unique cards that feature a drawing or painting of a sunflower on the front and a brief bio of the artist and some information about Sunflower Hill on the back. The inside is left blank for you to add your own personal note.


We grow our own loofah’s in the Sunflower Hill Garden! Our loofah’s are grow and then harvested, dried and prepared by our program participants.

Lavender Sachet

We grow our own lavender in the Sunflower Hill Garden! Our lavender is grown, then harvested, dried and put into small mesh bags by our program participants!

Sunflower Hill Gourd Birdhouses

Grown, harvested, and prepared by our program participants and volunteers, each gourd is one-of-a-kind! LOCAL PICKUP ONLY: at this time we are unable to ship. If you wish to purchase a gourd, you will need to come to the Sunflower Hill Garden in Livermore for pickup. The Sunflower Hill Garden is located at 455 Olivina Avenue, Livermore, CA 94551

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