Shannon in her apartment with picture of flowers behind her

Shannon – Living Independently With Confidence

June 16, 2021

I’m so excited to share this month’s Sunflower Hill at Irby Ranch Resident Spotlight on Shannon! The first things I noticed about Shannon when I met her for the first time were her bold personality and confidence. Shannon is both a resident at Irby Ranch and an employee of Sunflower Hill. As the organization’s Administrative […]

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Farmer Andrea standing next to a pea plant

Starting from Seeds – Reading a Seed Packet

June 2, 2021

If you’re looking to try something new this summer, this blog article is for you! Nothing tastes better than fresh summer fruits and veggies you’ve grown yourself! You can create a veggie garden with plant starts, or grow seeds on your own. This blog article will give you all the information you need to know […]

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Jennifer with dress and tiara standing in Irby Ranch courtyard.

Jennifer – Irby Ranch Sunshine Resident

May 19, 2021

I’m so excited to introduce you to Jennifer, this month’s Irby Ranch Resident Spotlight! A self-described social butterfly, Jennifer’s thoughtful, kind, and humorous personality has garnered her many new friends since moving into Irby Ranch in September last year. Every time I see her, she is glowing and bright and happy – a real Sunshine […]

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Zoom view of cooking class attendees waiving

Knifeless Cutting Techniques

May 5, 2021

With spring in full bloom, now is a wonderful time to enjoy all the fresh fruits and veggies the season has to offer! In past Adaptive Cooking Tips articles, I’ve given tips and suggested tools for preparing produce and practicing safe knife skills. But using a knife is not the only way to get your […]

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Bruce standing in his kitchen at Irby Ranch

Bruce – On Living Independently

April 21, 2021

‘Being able to make my own choice’ is a common theme I hear frequently from residents at Sunflower Hill at Irby Ranch. As Caitee Valdez, the Residential Programs Coordinator and I plan programs and activities for residents, we think about how empowering it is for each person to make their own choice. I believe that […]

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Women smelling rose

Stop to Smell the Roses – Mindfulness Practice

April 7, 2021

This time of year I love to be outside enjoying the springtime and all that it offers to each of my five senses! Recently I was walking near my neighbors’ front yard when I noticed the rich scent of fresh-cut grass and damp earth. It was so overwhelming that it caught my complete attention. My […]

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Andrea on a kneeler pad in the garden

Adaptive Gardening Tools

March 24, 2021

This time of year always makes me want to step outside and get closer to nature. The bright sunlight, crisp air, and blossoming plants that are abundant during spring inspire me to dig in the dirt and plant new plants! At the Sunflower Hill Garden, we love to make gardening fun and accessible to all. […]

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Pratima holding a plate with banana bread and ice cream

Favorite Shelter-in-Place Recipes

March 17, 2021

This month I’m excited to highlight a few favorite shelter-in-place recipes from our Sunflower Hill at Irby Ranch residents! It’s been a year since we’ve been sheltering at home, and while it’s certainly been a challenging year, not all of it has been bad. For me, one of the benefits of sheltering-in-place for the last […]

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Teacher Abby using a knife to demonstrate the pinch method of cutting an apple

Safe Knife Skills

March 10, 2021

An essential cooking skill is learning to safely use a knife! I know that sometimes, knives can be a little scary. But with some knowledge and preparation, knives can be a great and safe way to prepare delicious snacks and meals from scratch for yourself, friends, and family! If you are not ordinarily able to […]

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Pratima holding the directions for the 5-4-3-2-1 grounding technique


March 8, 2021

Do you ever have a day where you feel like your mind is trying to focus on a thousand things all at once? Each time you try to sit down and focus on one of those things, you can’t. You’re left feeling scattered and unproductive? This month’s Mindful Monday article focuses on “grounding” or being […]

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