Garden Programs

As an instructional outdoor space, the Sunflower Hill Garden is a medium for educational, therapeutic, and life skills training; offering adults with developmental disabilities opportunities to thrive.

Our multi-disciplinary programs and activities are designed for adults with special needs (intellectual and/or developmental disabilities including autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, ADHD, epilepsy, and other chromosomal abnormalities). Led by our knowledgeable and dedicated Garden staff, the curriculum is specially designed to offer unique experiences for individuals of all abilities.

Hands-On Garden Groups

Our in-person, Hands-On Garden Groups meets weekly for a 12-week period at the Sunflower Hill Garden. The program offers person-centered programming for adults with developmental disabilities, providing opportunities to learn, explore, and engage in new and supportive ways. Led by knowledgeable staff with a passion for both people and plants, curriculum addresses educational, therapeutic, and life-skill topics to grow important independent living skills. Hands-On groups are uniquely designed to honor all ability levels and are smaller in size to guarantee intentional interaction, ensuring an environment that equips each person for success.

Whether you’re looking to be out-and-about in the fields and possess a passion for experiencing all types of garden related tasks, or eager to explore and learn about the garden surroundings while building community among participants and garden staff, the Hands-On Garden Groups are designed for YOU! All groups and sessions will learn about work imperative to keeping a garden growing, tools and skills employed in such work, and enjoy extended time participating in field tasks practicing what you have learned. You’ll grow in plant knowledge, explore tastes of new and healthy foods, and engage your senses in our natural setting.

Our summer Hands-On Garden Groups meet in-person for a 4-week session, with each Session providing the same curriculum and seasonal garden experience. Because weekly tasks are designed with each participant in mind, all groups allow for a variety of garden tasks to appeal to high, medium, and low function levels which may include any range of gross and fine motor movements, and a variety of standing, kneeling, lifting, and/or table tasks. In response to COVID-19 safety guidelines, in order to ensure safety when in the fields, both groups require participants to be accompanied by a caregiver/support staff for a 1:1 ratio.

Register for our summer Hands-On Garden Groups, or Contact us if you have questions about our programs.

Sunflower Hill Garden

The Sunflower Hill Garden produces thousands of pounds of fresh, organic produce each year, which is planted and harvested by our program participants. Over 70% of our produce is donated to local nonprofits. The remainder is donated to our program participants and volunteers as well as sold at our Harvest Stand.

Located at Hagemann Ranch in Livermore, CA the Sunflower Hill Garden was co-founded by Christina Bogert and Lynn Monica and broke ground in 2015 with the mission to provide educational and vocational horticulture opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities.

Contact us to learn how you can volunteer in the Garden.

Sunflower Hill Garden
455 Olivina Ave Livermore, CA 94550

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