Kathy Layman Selected for Threads of Hope Award

November 20, 2020 We’re excited to announce that longtime volunteer and current Sunflower Hill Board President, Kathy Layman has been selected to receive Diablo Magazine’s 2020 Threads of Hope Award! The award is given annually to five local volunteers who provide vital services in a variety of fields, and whose “selfless dedication to volunteerism is strengthening the fabric of our community.” Congratulations to Kathy and the other four award winners, who are heroes in our community.

“We’re thrilled that Diablo Magazine has recognized Kathy for her ongoing willingness to devote her time, expertise and energy to Sunflower Hill,” said Edie Nehls, Executive Director of Sunflower Hill. “Kathy’s volunteer efforts have had a profound impact not only for Sunflower Hill, but also the East Bay community, and more specifically, on the lives of hundreds of adults with developmental disabilities.”

Watch Kathy and the other four award winners receive their award during the virtual awards ceremony which was held on December 10, 2020.