KTVU Anchor Dave Clark to emcee Moonlight in the Vines

A very familiar face from television will be hosting the 2016 Moonlight in the Vines celebration on July 30 at McGrail Vineyards in Livermore.

KTVU’s longtime “Mornings on Two” anchor, Dave Clark, will serve as the celebrity emcee.  Clark, a respected journalist with more than 40 years of national experience, works with a number of non-profits and charitable causes in the Bay Area. He is the father of David, a young adult with special needs.

“The mission of Sunflower Hill means so much to my wife Rosalynn and I because we face the exact same dilemma and decisions that SFH was created to address. We ask ourselves, over and over what will happen to David if we’re not here?  Who will take care of him and love him like we do?  Can he ever find a good place to live on his own, surrounded by good people? And does a place like that even exist?”

Clark joined KTVU-TV and the “Mornings on Two” team in 2007.  He started his career as a young radio news reporter in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, home to the nation’s 4th largest radio market. Subsequent reporting and anchoring jobs included several other markets around the country: New York; Washington, DC; Florida; Los Angeles, and now, the San Francisco Bay Area – with reports seen, heard, and broadcast on CNN, NBC News, CBS Radio, MSNBC, CBS Evening News, United Press International, and The Armed Forces Radio Network.

His son, David, age 23, was diagnosed with Autism and a seizure disorder at an early age. Clark noted that the seizures robbed David of his ability to speak, but that he remains “the center of the family…with the sweetest spirit…smiles and dimples constantly on his face…and a pleasure to be around. For a young man who does not speak, he tells us he loves us every day!”

At Moonlight in the Vines, Clark will be sharing not only his personal story as the parent of a child with special needs, but why he believes the mission and vision and vocational programs of Sunflower Hill are important.  “As soon as I heard about Sunflower Hill, I just HAD to be involved in helping to make the dreams of so many families a reality…dreams that, up until now, I didn’t know were even possible. But it’s ‘real’, because of Sunflower Hill,” he said.